1. a company founded by two people with bright ideas and creativity working side by side
1. with two or more people working together side by side.
“ I rode tandem to success”
1. having two things arranged one side to another
“a tandem team”

About Us

t&em Interactive is a group of young enthusiast start-ups Indonesian looking for ways to change the world.
Comes from the word "tandem" and simplified into t&em which means "partnership" in English and "at length or finally" in Latin.

tandem > t"and"em > t&em

Located in the main business district of Jakarta as administration and business office will help the continuity and ease communication channel with clients. Studios located in Jogjakarta and Bandung to ensure the availibility of resources and energy to produce a state of the art computer application products.

The Mission

To be the most widely recognized mobile application developer by business community in Indonesia.
We provide productivity, cost effective, skill-based application that translate our clients effort for improvement in the most practical methodology and tangible result.

The Product

Time Management Application

Mobile application to assess and to measure time utilization for better Time Management. Available on Google Playstore.

Visit actlo product website at www.actlo.tandem.co.id

Unilever Training Administration System

Training Evaluation Management System to support administrative training post training. It helps admin staff to compile feedback from participants about training and administer training evaluation

HAKA Motor System
Motorcycle Dealer Performance and Management System

Motorcycle Dealer Management System (MDMS) is a cloud server based system. Developed for motorcycle dealers. It help management to see dealer’s performance and boost sales and marketing effort. It also equipped with multiplatform mobile application for sales and marketing personnel.

Visit www.haka.tandem.co.id to have a quick look at it

Under construction!

Under development

The Services

Design and Develop cross platform mobile application according client's needs.

Design and Develop web based Intranet/Internet Information System.

Tailor, customize and integrate current system into mobile application format.

An integrated and comprehensive training and workshops to support product application.

The Team


Adi Pratomo

Adi Pratomo spent a significant amount of time working as a project manager at Gameloft, a multinational game industry developer company based in France. With responsibility managing more than 100 programmers, designers, artist and quality assurance personnels. Adi succesfully released blockbusters mobile games such as Green Farm Indonesia, Medal of Honour, Men In Black 3. Currently working as training facilitator for several International consulting firms and setting up t&em interactive.

Contact Adi : dsadipratomo@tandem.co.id


Muchammad Arifin

Muchammad Arifin started his career as one of the first generation programmer at Gameloft Indonesia. His tremendous skill and talent brought him to become Supervisor in such a short period of time. Became Project Lead Programmer to advice Project Manager for technical problems made his Leadership and technical skills significantly improved. His current role is Indonesia's Studio Lead Programmer for Gameloft Indonesia where he is responsible for the whole technical operation for all mobile games developed in Indonesia. He is also the co-founder of t&em interactive.

Contact Apin :apin@tandem.co.id

The Contact

Office Address

Equity Tower 49th floor
Jl.Jendral Sudirman Kav.52-53
SCBD District, Jakarta
Indonesia 12190
Phone. +62 21 2965 1181
Fax. +62 21 2965 1222

The Studios

Jogonalan Lor 2,
Tirtonirmolo, Kasihan, Bantul

Contact our team

Adi Pratomo
Managing Director
Phone. +62 817 266 931